External Paints and Render Finishes

At Dryco we are able to offer the JUB product range for all your external painting needs.

With over 140 years’ experience of paint production, JUB is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers.

Continued research and development has meant that the product range is kept at the forefront of today’s technology.

Within the Jumix paint range are a number of advanced paints and coatings designed for use within the Jubizol Façade render systems.

This is just the start of the JUB product range with scratch renders, fine renders, crack bridging paints and state of the art self-cleaning finishes.

JUB manufacture a range of basecoat renders to supplement the finishes as well as lime based paints, concrete paints, renovation render and waterproof coatings that are suitable for interior and exterior use.

Appearance is everything and for the special project that requires that little bit extra then Marmorin from JUB is the solution. Marmorin is a decorative wall coating that can create a multitude of effects to rival polished plasters.

The use of metallic colours gives a more contemporary feel to a wall, whilst the tinting processes utilised means an endless array of shades to fulfil anyone’s palette.

Crack Bridging Paints

A range of paints to fill hairline cracks which are highly water repellent and resistant to all weathers.

Masonry Paints

A range of paints that are hardwearing, strongly water repellent and resistant to all weathers.

Self-Cleaning Paints

A range of paints with a self-cleaning effect that are based on silicone binders giving water dispersion.